Java questions

1. What releases of Java technology are currently available? What do they contain?
The Java programming language is currently shipping from Sun Microsystems, Inc. as the Java Development Kit (JDKTM). All Sun releases of the JDK software are available from the JDK software home page (
Each release of the Java Development Kit (JDK) contains:
 Java Compiler
 Java Virtual Machine*
 Java Class Libraries
 Java AppletViewer
 Java Debugger and other tools
 Documentation (in a separate download bundle)
To run Java 1.0 applets, use Netscape Navigator 3.x or other browsers that support Java applets. To run Java 1.1.x applets, use HotJavaTM 1.x or Netscape Navigator 4.x or other browsers that support the newest version of the Java API.
2. What are the security problems I've heard about JavaScript technology scripts?
JavaScript technology is a scripting language used with Netscape Navigator. There have been reports of privacy problems with JavaScript technology, and Netscape is committed to addressing those concerns. JavaScript technology cannot be used to invoke Java applets. The privacy problems reported with JavaScript technology are not present in Java applets.
3. Why developers should not write programs that call 'sun' packages
Java Software supports into the future only classes in java.* packages, not sun.* packages. In general, API in sun.* is subject to change at any time without notice. For more details, see the article Why Developers Should Not Write Programs That Call 'sun' Packages.
4. Where did the Java name come from? What does it stand for?
The name was chosen during one of several brainstorming sessions held by the Java software team. We were aiming to come up with a name that evoked the essence of the technology -- liveliness, animation, speed, interactivity, and more. "Java" was chosen from among many, many suggestions. The name is not an acronym, but rather a reminder of that hot, aromatic stuff that many programmers like to drink lots of.

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